Police Complaint Template

The police complaint template is used to complaint the police about any particular reason or incident which may cause any damage to civilian society. A police complaint format may also used to complain a situation in which you may want to complain against the badly behavior of police officer. You can effectively fill a police complaint template if you have eye witness of the whole scenario in which a police officer behave in bad manners. Such kinds of forms also aware the higher police commissioner related to the sincerity and loyalty of their police personnel and tells that how we can better our police department.

The police complaint template includes information about police officer, name, age and identify card of complainant, reason of complaint, scope of complaint, damages (if any), and signatures. There are so many reason against which you can filled a police complain form such as, parking dispute, traffic enforcement, and not satisfied with services of police officers. This is an obligation of every citizen to use such kinds of forms to aware the police departments about their weakness.

Free Police Complaint Form

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Civil Complaint Template

In our society, everyone have a right to live freely without any discrimination. However, if anyone tries to snatch the right of any innocent one, the government allows him a right to fill a complaint in a count against such person who is illegal snatches their rights. The party filing the complaint is usually called the plaintiff and the party against whom the complaint is filed is called the defendant or defendants. The complaint must be drafted properly to clearly state legal bases in a court. Such kinds of civil complaint templates are used for different purpose; such as, business dispute, property issue, street fight and work disobedience, etc.

A civil complaint template is basically legal document which is used to submit a complaint in court against any civilian. Such kinds of formats indicate the nature of complaint and also reasons for filling of it. A civil complaint template includes the following information about both the parties; for example, detail of both parties, reasons for complaint, role of both parties, damages (if any), eye witness, supporting document against damages, contact details, and signature. The signature of the complainant at the end of this form marks the completion of civil complaint template.

Civil Complaint Form

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Employee Complaint Template

An employee complains template is used by employee to convey his complain about discrimination, harassment, and unethical or unfair conduct in a work environment. The employee needs to elaborate a significant reason for this complains which is affecting your performance. The employee who filed the complaint format and filed against the higher management will be kept confidential and recorded through the use of this form. The information written on this form should be based on truth to make it more effective or reliable for management while solving issues.

Such kinds of forms are used to be submitted by employee to concerned department of his/her institution which will be legally liable to take an action against the department or individual of which complain is made. Usually, the employee complaint is related to hardware equipment. However, some employee uses this form to complain against higher management or supervisor. In some cases employee also provides a positive solution of his complaint so it may help management significantly to make decision by the will of both the parties.

Employee Complaint Form

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Teacher Complaint Template

Such kind of format is used by teacher to complain about any student’s behavior, discipline issue or salary increment. These teacher complaint templates are specially filled by only teachers. It is a kind of complain received by management associated in handling complain with respect to teacher who have an issue related to any specific department. The information written in this form should be based on true. While in case of wrong information the teacher himself will be liable. Contents of this form are name and full detail of teacher, nature of complain and reason for complain.

This teacher complaint template gives an opportunity to both of parties to solve the issue with mutual consent. In this way the issues will be solved in a manner that the person who is liable for his conduct will be punished. This format allows a teacher to complain about anything in a reasonable and official way. Mostly, teachers use such kind of complains form to complain about student’s class behavior or bad performance in class. One of the top complaints among today’s teachers is that they don’t have enough time to devote to lesson planning and collaboration with other teacher.

Teacher Complaint Form

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Student Complaint Template

These student complaint templates are mostly used by students to complaint about teachers or academic intuitions. These forms include the name of students, identity card number, nature of complaint, reason for complaint, etc. While complaining anything against the academic institution or the school management, the student will be kept all complaining procedure confidential and recorded through the use of this form. The students insure that all statement written should be based on truth. However, in case of any wrong facts the students himself will be liable for his/her code of conduct.

The students complain form is mostly used to submit complains into a respective complain department of a student institution who is legally responsible to take an immediate action against the department of which the complainant has concerned. It is important to take an immediate action so in future it does not happen again. Sometime, such kinds of forms can also be used for both side, it means either it can use by institutions to complain about students or students may use it to complain for any other.

Student Complaint Form

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Money Receipt Template

A money receipt template is a form which is used to record cash received from you customer against the services or products provided to him. It is always made at the end of each business transaction. This receipt depicts a clear picture of complete transaction made during a specific period of time. Almost everyone who is engage in small business activity, use regularly such form to know about the cash in hand at the end of a days. It will also describe that how much sale has been made within a specific period of time.

A money receipt template has included complete information about everything related to sale including date, receipts number, cash received, quantity of product, specification of product, total amount of the product, tax detail, complete term and condition about transaction and Discount if buyer has earned. The important purpose of money receipt template is to get a written acknowledgment of any transaction made between sealer and buyer. Thus this form works as a proof of transaction for both the parties.

Security Deposit Receipt Template

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Travel Claim Template

Mostly, a travel claim template is prepared by employee to claim their whole expanses made for business travelling. A travelling expanse may be incurred due to office supplies, stationary and business promotion, etc. All staff members have a privilege to claim their expanses which were incurred by him during the course of travelling activity. For example, any employee who has needed to travel on behalf of their employer, it would have needed to make a report of all their expenses made during the period of his tour. These all expanses will be recorded on travel claim form to make it recover.

A travel claim template has also attached a complete receipt of all expanses in order to insure, whether the expanses are truly incurred or it may provide you wrong information about travelling expenses. Sometime, if they have any doubt about any detail, he may confirm from the actual provider of the services about the authentication of expanses by finding the contact number from their receipts. In order to claim expenses, an employee has to go through in a simple process, the employee fill all information in a form and submitted in finance department to verify. After verifying detail from employer, the amount will be reimbursed to employee.

Travel Claim Form

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Medical Claim Template

Today, each and every multinational company provides medical facility to their employee by compensating the expanses made for medical treatments. In order to claims such kinds of expanses an employees will need to fill a claim form which is called medical claim template. In simple word, it is a form which is you by patient to claim expanse made for medical treatment. The applicant should also be required to attach important tests and reports needs to insure, either the amount which you claim in a medical claim template is accurate or not.

If you are insured with insurance companies so such kind of forms are also used by applicant to claim a medical expanses form insurance company. A medical claim template includes the following information, applicant name, age and address, health condition along with complete reports and tests, claim amount, medical expanse voucher from concerned medical intuitions, and at the end signature of applicant.

medical Treatment Claim Form

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Insurance Claim Template

An insurance claim template is a document which is used by insurer, while claiming the amount of insurance form insurance companies. Insurance is the process of minimizing the risk of loss, made due to any specific reason, by insured himself from insurance companies. The insurer satisfies that the claim written should be based on truth; there should be not false statement in it. However, in case of any wrong facts the insurer claim request will be cancelled. An applicant filled the require form and mentioned the estimated amount of loss against which he insured himself in an insurance police from the insurance company.

The insurance claim template is mostly used to request claims into a respective insurance companies who is legally responsible to compensate an insurer form loss made due to specific reason prescribed in insurance policy. Such kinds of forms can be used for multiple insurance purposes; such as, medical insurance, family member insurance, business insurance, property insurance, etc. while submitting your request for claim, the applicant should also require to attached important documents needs to work as a proof for the amount which you claim in a insurance claim template.

Insurance Claim Form

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Bankruptcy Claim Template

A bankruptcy claim template is a legal document uses to be filed by creditors while claiming the amount of debts from debtors. This form works as proof for creditors while assets are liquidated and distribution among them. In order to make this form more effective for the usage of court you need to provide following information, apart from the basic information; such as you court number, the amount of claim and reason for claiming. This form plays an important role to assess total estimate of debt needed to submit in a court and also aware court about the total amount of secured and unsecured debts.

However, if the creditors claim the assets of debtors, the debtors will need to provide a detail about you properties, its market value, nature of property and annual rate of interest. This form also available a printed set of question about creditors to know about his name, contact information, and amounts which are owned by debtor. The most effective way of end this form is to write a date, name, and signature at the bottom side. The signature at the end of the form marks a completion of bankruptcy claim template.

Bankruptcy Claim Form

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