Civil Complaint Template

In our society, everyone have a right to live freely without any discrimination. However, if anyone tries to snatch the right of any innocent one, the government allows him a right to fill a complaint in a count against such person who is illegal snatches their rights. The party filing the complaint is usually called the plaintiff and the party against whom the complaint is filed is called the defendant or defendants. The complaint must be drafted properly to clearly state legal bases in a court. Such kinds of civil complaint templates are used for different purpose; such as, business dispute, property issue, street fight and work disobedience, etc.

A civil complaint template is basically legal document which is used to submit a complaint in court against any civilian. Such kinds of formats indicate the nature of complaint and also reasons for filling of it. A civil complaint template includes the following information about both the parties; for example, detail of both parties, reasons for complaint, role of both parties, damages (if any), eye witness, supporting document against damages, contact details, and signature. The signature of the complainant at the end of this form marks the completion of civil complaint template.

Civil Complaint Form

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