Money Receipt Template

A money receipt template is a form which is used to record cash received from you customer against the services or products provided to him. It is always made at the end of each business transaction. This receipt depicts a clear picture of complete transaction made during a specific period of time. Almost everyone who is engage in small business activity, use regularly such form to know about the cash in hand at the end of a days. It will also describe that how much sale has been made within a specific period of time.

A money receipt template has included complete information about everything related to sale including date, receipts number, cash received, quantity of product, specification of product, total amount of the product, tax detail, complete term and condition about transaction and Discount if buyer has earned. The important purpose of money receipt template is to get a written acknowledgment of any transaction made between sealer and buyer. Thus this form works as a proof of transaction for both the parties.

Security Deposit Receipt Template

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