Student Complaint Template

These student complaint templates are mostly used by students to complaint about teachers or academic intuitions. These forms include the name of students, identity card number, nature of complaint, reason for complaint, etc. While complaining anything against the academic institution or the school management, the student will be kept all complaining procedure confidential and recorded through the use of this form. The students insure that all statement written should be based on truth. However, in case of any wrong facts the students himself will be liable for his/her code of conduct.

The students complain form is mostly used to submit complains into a respective complain department of a student institution who is legally responsible to take an immediate action against the department of which the complainant has concerned. It is important to take an immediate action so in future it does not happen again. Sometime, such kinds of forms can also be used for both side, it means either it can use by institutions to complain about students or students may use it to complain for any other.

Student Complaint Form

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