Teacher Complaint Template

Such kind of format is used by teacher to complain about any student’s behavior, discipline issue or salary increment. These teacher complaint templates are specially filled by only teachers. It is a kind of complain received by management associated in handling complain with respect to teacher who have an issue related to any specific department. The information written in this form should be based on true. While in case of wrong information the teacher himself will be liable. Contents of this form are name and full detail of teacher, nature of complain and reason for complain.

This teacher complaint template gives an opportunity to both of parties to solve the issue with mutual consent. In this way the issues will be solved in a manner that the person who is liable for his conduct will be punished. This format allows a teacher to complain about anything in a reasonable and official way. Mostly, teachers use such kind of complains form to complain about student’s class behavior or bad performance in class. One of the top complaints among today’s teachers is that they don’t have enough time to devote to lesson planning and collaboration with other teacher.

Teacher Complaint Form

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